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  • A whole new you!!!
    Why does healing take time?  Because for the most part we don't fix damaged cells - we replace them - and this take time. Read more
  • Get up! Stand up! Stand up for your health!
    Read more
  • How about a Happy Meal with your surgery?
    Would you like a McHeart Attack with that? Read more
  • Does your child have a spine?
    When should you start to take care of your spine?  As soon as possible!  Why wait (or make our children wait) until pain and health problems begin when we can Read more
  • Exercise of the week!
    The psoas (iliopsoas) muscle attaches from the bodies of your lumbar spine, runs through your pelvis, and inserts onto your femurs.  This muscle helps you to bend at the waist and Read more
  • Why do we sleep?
    We've all been told we need to get a good nights sleep.  But why?  What is our body doing during that time?  Here are 5 answers to those questions! Read more
  • School House Rock!
    Sometimes I think something written for children gets the point across to adults in a way that more "mature" teaching can't.  I thought we would all enjoy a little blast Read more
  • Exercise of the Week!
    The trapezius (or traps) is a large muscle that extends longitudinally from the back of the skull to the lower thoracic vertebrae and laterally to the shoulder blade. Its functions are to move the shoulder blade, support Read more
  • Teach your children well!
    Most of us have struggled with weight or health issues at some point in our lives, if we teach our children how to care for their health from the time Read more
  • What's a flexitarian?
    Most of us are omnivores, meaning we eat both a plant based and animal based diet.  Many studies have shown that eating an entirely plant based (vegetarian) diet is healthier than the Read more
  • #4 - Your hands and feet contain half the bones in the human body!
    9 more cool facts about the human body! Read more
  • Exercise of the Week!
    This weeks exercise is to increase range of motion in your upper and mid back and you'll feel it even into your low back.  Keeping your core flexible is important Read more
  • Are you made of cupcakes?
    National Body Challenge: Everyday Fitness : HowStuffWorksYou've heard it said that you are what you eat, but what does that really mean? Fitness expert Jonathan Ross examines the idea with Read more
  • Exercise of the Week!
    Here's a great stretch for your piriformis muscle!  The piriformis muscle is part of the lateral rotators of the hip. The piriformis laterally rotates the leg with hip extension and abducts the femur Read more
  • What is in your soda?
    We all know that soda isn't exactly a health food, but what is it that we are drinking? Read more
    Organic is a bit of a buzzword right now and while there is good reason for this, let's not throw reason out the window!  If something that's not raised/grown/made to Read more